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Hand lettered logo

Brothers Grimm TV Series 

Hand-Lettered Logo

Objective: to create a logo for a TV show using a ligature. I chose to redesign the logo to the TV show, Grimm.

Solution: Currently, Grimm's logo does not capture the idea that their show is based off of the darker fairy tale stories inspired by the Brothers Grimm. So by hand-lettering a blackletter inspired font, I instantly added a fairy tale vibe. I also wanted to add that darker blood red color. To add darkness, I embossed the letter to subliminally think danger because it gives it a medal blade, razor wire effect, adding to that edgy feel.

 I designed a t-shirt. I like how the Grimm's hand eerily reaches to the front from behind pointing at his logo. It also give you the chance to see the logo used on a product.

The ligature is between the g and r

Grimm T-Shirt Mockup
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