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Condom AD

Informational Post Card Ad Campaign  

Objective: to create an informational Condom Ad Campaign  via postcards for a male audience. I chose to use a 5x5 postcard. All design elements meet the US Postal regulations for mailing.


I chose to target the X generation males for my campaign.   I  opted to use the 90's punk/retro color scheme of neon colors because I felt the target audience could relate to the pop style culture from their youth.  My hand drawn illustrations are provocative to catch their attention.

The theme is all about being prepared when getting "Lucky". Hence, my invented brand name, Lucky Mojo. (a clever spin off to lucky coin or lucky charm) Due to the fact this had to be an informational campaign, each postcard has important information regarding condoms that correlates to the picture and tag line on the card.

Condom  Ads
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