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Royelles Avatars

Branding and Logo Design 

Objective: To brand Royelles Avatars. 3 avatars that ignite and empower all girls to be authentic, confident and fearless. Royelles goal is to remind girls that they are everyday superheroes. Each avatar is equipped with individual personas, life missions, and are innovators, trailblazers and catalysts, who reflect the spirit, mindset, and potential that exists in feminine royalty. The goal is to celebrate and empower girls.


First, I knew purple was going to be the base color because that exudes royalty and power.  I had to find the right hue, to compliment the bright African fabrics worn by the avatars, as well as appeal and attract young girls. My color scheme balances all 3 objectives nicely.

The logo design is a play off of African symbols, that symbolize leadership, creativity and strength. Font Filosophia Unicase OT was chosen because I thought it was a perfect blend of regal"ness" due to the serifs, mixed with the playfulness of the lowercase letters above the x-height.

I chose to focus on branding the avatar name cards, fitting all the avatar's information on a small card was a challenge, so I chose to manipulate the finished size by adding layers hence, the folds. The extra space allowed me to convey all the essential information in a creative yet functional manner. ​​

All tribal patterns were hand drawn.

Royelles Branding
Royelles Information Card
Royelles Information Card
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