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Public Affairs Office

Social Media: Print/Infographics/Videos/Photography 

Objective: to support the Public Affairs Office for AFRICOM. 

Solution:   Created Infographics, Videos, Visual Aid Documents to support inform. Performed a wide range of visual communication assignments for AFRICOMS Public Affairs Office. Produced visual information products, by creating content for social media posts, event videos, webpage stories, and infographics to be used for both internal and public audiences.  Used artistic skills to produce a wide variety of Visual Information products, worked as a  photographer, videographer, web and graphic designer to create content to be used for a variety of purposes. Visual Communications Specialist, when assigned content to share, I advised the best course of action to communicate the story. Some project examples are below. Some projects cannot be shared on this platform. 



  • Headquarters United States Africa Command Certificate of Achievement Award - Issued by General, Stephen J. Townsend and Sergeant Major, Richard D. Thresher

  • Certificate of Appreciation (for successfully sharing their projects to the public) - Issued by Director of C4 Systems, Col. Jeffery Schroeder, AFRICOM J6 

Social Media Videos

Videos can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and AFRICOM's web page.


Please note that I created the following videos from start to finish, including all photography and copy. The other videos are shown to showcase my intro and outro edits, which the Command wanted to be added, keeping the theme consistent across all platforms.  

  • J6_Junior_Communictation_Syposium,

  • U.S. Africa Command Celebrates 100 Years of Women's Equality and

  • Virtual Communication Forum Centers on Female Roles in Cybersecurity

Other Social Media 

Twitter and Web Page

Finalized videos using my branding templates to keep social media stories consistent. Came up with the quotes to tie in AFRICOM's messaging. 

Attended event, took photos for social media and web page article. Wrote article for web page. 

Interactive Web MAP

Humanitarian Aid Infographics

Objective: Leadership wanted to share with the public it's Humanitarian Aids Efforts during the COVID pandemic.

Solution: I came up with the idea of using an interactive map, where a user can scroll over a country and an infographic would pop up to showcase the donations.

Collaborations with the web developers for design and functionality allowed the concept to become reality.  

I created an infographic for each country. Our team had to cross-check facts with embassies as well as collaborate with the Donations/Accountant Spreadsheets to ensure correct information. 

Color scheme/map design/ and inforgraphics desicions were mine. I HEX colored matched colors already present on AFRICOM's web page.

To the right is an image that helped present the concept to leadership, to get approval for the project. 

The project was approved and active on AFRICOM's home page. 

Due to boundary disputes and changes to country lines, the interactive map had to be taken down. However, here is a link to the humanitarian infographics that can be found on AFRICOM's webpage.  

HA graphic mockup.jpeg
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