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1639 coffee house

Coffee Sleeve Design  

Objective: to design coffee sleeves for a specific coffee shop, emoting their  brand.  Using typography you had to express an idea that has to do with coffee & energy.


I chose to create my coffee sleeves for 1369 Coffee House. An indie coffee house capturing the eclectic character of it's hood----Harvard students, journaling hipsters, to aging hippies. They are a chill community that sales coffee with weekly live music act.

I focused on the music aspect, and chose songs from different decades to cater to the different age groups found at the coffee shop. All songs talk about having a good day. I hand drew the singers, because I wanted to mimic a sharpie drawing for the hipster laid back feel. The typography matches the energy of the songs and message. Listen to the music to see if you agree.

Final Coffee Cup Mockup
Coffee House Sleeves
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