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The Village Method

Informative Brochure 

Using a template designed by Shariful Islam I designed an informational brochure.

Objective: to create an informative brochure showcasing the program to investors and the community. Client needed a communication specialist to combine various sources of information into one cohesive piece. I organized the company's data, and information into a single booklet.


Design: Color scheme of piece celebrates the brand colors. African logo, inspired the theme. Notice the African bands that embellish the pages throughout the project. These lines are clean, modern and appropriate for the corporate audience. But at the same time acknowledges the African inspired roots of the corporation. All info graphics hand drawn via my I pad sketch.

Information: I had to organize information from a variety of sources into one piece. The information is presented in a clear and logical order. Beginning states the purpose and mission of the company, followed with the data, to a conclusion and call to action to the readers.

The Village Method
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